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We are #1 in the world

RE/MAX is #1 in global homes sales with offices in over 110 countries world wide. RE/MAX agents have the highest average number of transaction sides with the highest average commisions.

We have brand power

International brand name awareness. From video and television to radio, digital, sponsorship and more. The RE/MAX name is out there working — for you.

We are worldwide

The RE/MAX Global Network has over 850,000 RE/MAX-only listings that are translated in nearly 50 languages. Listings on RE/MAX Global Network are viewable in over 65 currencies with visitors from over 227 countries.

We have technology & training

RE/MAX delivers the tools, tech, and training that can help you stay focused on offering superior customer service. Our technology and tools we use allow our agents to do what they do best… Sell Real Estate!

About Will Mitchell

Having first come to Belize over a decade ago Will’s knowledge of Belize is extensive. With Over 10 Years of Experience in Belize Real Estate and workign with RE/MAX Will has helped hundreds of clients find their dream investment properties while personally being invested in numerous deals in this market.

Will prides himself in providing outstanding service to buyers and sellers. making it his business to truly understand each client’s unique needs, personal preferences, and style. Using those insights, along with detailed market reports and customized marketing plans, to help them find the perfect property in Belize.

Customer’s Feedback

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JupiterX premium user
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Mary Scott
JupiterX premium user

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