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NBA player Reggie Bullock acquired an island in Belize and we have an exclusive tour with Reggie Bullock himself!

Reggie Bullock is an American NBA player. Bullock made headlines when he purchased a private island in Belize, dubbed ‘BULLOCK ISLAND‘.

In the latest video, we head to Bullock Island to meet with professional NBA player Reggie Bullock!

Reggie gives a full tour of his private island in Belize and explains exactly what he is building on the 5-acre site. You won’t want to miss this video if you’re looking at Belize real estate or if you’re a basketball fan!

Reggie didn’t just purchase the now famous “HEART” shaped island. He immediately started developing the site with plans to have a residence measuring 4,000 square feet for himself and his family, along with eight rental villas for vacationers. In addition, he is developing a restaurant/bar, spa, basketball court, and infinity pool.

“One of my main things, it was just more about generational wealth for me. It was a project that I felt like I should jump on, and it’s never really been done before. But I was all up for the challenge for it.”

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Star endorsements lead to publicity, especially when they are investing in an emerging vacation market like Belize. Celebrity endorsements and acquisition of property are major draws not only in the real estate market but also in tourism.

Check out the latest video for a full tour of Bullock Island with Reggie Bullock himself!

Reggie Bullock Island Tour Video




Reggie Bullock In-Person Tour of Private Island



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First Look at Reggie Bullock Island


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