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Reggie Bullock Belize Island

NBA player Reggie Bullock acquired an island in Belize and has already started development on his private island! You can already see that the plans for a villa and luxury vacation resort are already well underway.

Reginald Ryedell Bullock is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

Bullock made headlines in April 2023 when it was revealed that he had bought this five-acre private island in Belize to create a vacation spot. Since then, it has been dubbed ‘BULLOCK ISLAND‘!

According to Reggie Bullock, Bullock Island isn’t just a place for him and his family to get together; it’s also somewhere he plans to use as an investment as he builds his resort retreat. With plans to add a restaurant, bar, spa, basketball court, pool, and much more, he wants Bullock Island to be an investment for himself and the local community.

Star endorsements lead to publicity, especially when they are investing in an emerging vacation market like Belize. Celebrity endorsements and acquisition of property are major draws not only in the real estate market but also in tourism. This endorsement and development are signs of the Belize real estate market trajectory.

Check out the latest video above to see the luxurious island and Belize’s exciting development project underway by NBA player Reggie Bullock.

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Welcome to Belize, Reggie!

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